How is a babies skeleton system different from an adults?

A skeletal system compromises of bones and joints. 

It forms the structure of our bodies and provide protection of our vital organs such as the lungs and heart. The muscles need the skeletal system to attach to via tendons and ligaments. Bones also hold the site to our red and white blood cells. 

Babies skeletal system is fully formed at birth, but development is still very much taking part. A baby will have far more bones than an adult with approximately 300 individually compared to an adults 206. The babies bones will fuse together over time therefore lessening the number in total as the grow. 

They are also much softer and supple often made up of more cartilage and water which slowly develop and harden through the process of ossification. Babies skulls are made of pallets and these too haven not fused together and can move. This is due to the process of them passing through the birth canal and their rapid brain growth once born. Lastly the spine has not yet developed the natural curve and this only comes later once the posture of the baby changes and gravity takes course. Once the baby starts holding its head up without assistance, and then sitting up to standing will all have an impact on the spine which slowly develops the curves that an adult spine would demonstrate. 

Due to these differences we would never put pressure on the babies head or skull during baby massage. We would never put excessive pressure on and over babies joints as they are far more flexible and you wouldn't want to cause any discomfort. We would also never put pressure on the spine. Our massage would be gentle and smooth rather than forced to avoid irritation, discomfort and potential injury