Oxytocin and baby Massage

Oxytocin is a naturally occulting hormone that is activated through skin to skin contact. This hormone is a chemical messenger released in the brain in response to contact. It is produced and released into the blood stream when stimulated. This hormone has a powerful effect on bonding as it reduces stress and therefore lower blood pressure and heart rate. When one person touches another this hormone begins to release. Babies crave skin contact as touch being the most developed sense in the body from birth. By touching your child you gain greater understanding of one anther increasing empathy and therefore promoting a bond. It allows trust to be established and fear to be decreased, and as this bond develops over time through touch, cuddles, kisses and baby massage a bonding pattern is developed between parent and child, creating a further desire for contact. Oxytocin promotes feelings of calmness and well-being and help recognise non verbal cues from a baby to mother more readily. Babies are truly helpless, immature beings, desired to build strong bonds with their primary career, they thrive when they are tenderly cared for and closely nurtured, providing security, comfort, the feeling of being loved and respected. It play a vital part during labour and through nursing a baby, as well as being responsible on a mother reaction to her crying baby. Through this skin to skin contact and encourage oxytocin hormones your bond attachment becomes stronger and more pronounced.